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Pentecost Sunday - Becoming A Pentecostal Warrior | P.s.Jeremy Mercer | 5.23.21


Tim Brown | 5.16.21


Mother's Day 2021 | P.s. Judy Mercer | 5.9.21


Where Do We Go From Here


Palm Sunday 2021 | Celebrate the Coming of The Lord | P.s. Jeremy Mercer | 3.28.21


The Privilege of Gods Promises | P.s. Judy Mercer | 2.28.21


Kingdom Keys

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said to "seek first the kingdom..." Therefore, understanding the Kingdom is paramount for all believers.

Battling For Your Birthright | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 1.3.21

You have no idea what you're missing out on through the birthright (spiritual) blessing!

Christmas 2020 | We Still Need A Savior | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 12.20.20

2020 showed us how desperately we need a savior and Jesus is His name!

The Truth About Christmas | Tim Brown | 12.6.20



The pages of Revelation are unfolding before our eyes. As always, the Bible has the answers to what is happening all around us.

Fellowship with The Holy Spirit | P.s. Judy Mercer


Truth Talks | Bishop Tony Dunn | 7.12.20


Fathers Know Best | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 6.21.20

Find out why, to this day and for all eternity, the Rechabites (Jeremiah 35) will have a family member standing before God.

God and Justice

How should Christians view our culture's call for justice? As always, the Bible has the answers.

Look Up | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 6.7.20

The worse things get in the world, the more hope Christians should have. Find out why in "Look Up!"

Pentecost Sunday "Church Has Never Been More Essential" | P.s. Jeremy Mercer | 5.31.20

Even when the government deems churches as "non-essential," from the birth of the church till now, the church is always "essential."

God and Government | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 5.17.20

Explore several texts of scripture to gain insight on how followers of Christ conduct themselves at citizens of both heaven & their nation.

Mother's Day | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 5.10.20

"What We Can Learn From A Good Mom"

After the Tomb | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 4.19.20

Jesus was resurrected! Now what? What do Christians do AFTER the empty tomb?

Peace in the Storm | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 3.29.20


Life is a Storm...Build on the Rock | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 3.22.20

Life brings one storm after another. Learn the keys to having peace through it all.

Guest Speaker: Pastor Robert Maasbach | 1st service | 3.8.15

Pastor Robert Maasbach, from Folkestone, England is our guest speaker.


God wants to move in our lives in a Supernatural way.

To The Future | Pastor Kevin Brown | 12.29.19

What God is about to do will far exceed what He has done in the past.

Presence > Presents

God's Presence is Greater than any Christmas Present.

Truth Talks | Claudia K | 11.17.19

Truth and the consequences of moral relativism w/Christian Apologist, Claudia Kamilkov.


There are no "solo stars" in the Kingdom of God. We are called to be a Body of Believers, the church, and are always "Better Together."

Tell Somebody

Acts 1:8 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere."

Guest Speaker: Richard Andrew | 8.17.19


Unsung Hero | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 6/16/19

Unsung Hero is about a different kind of "superman" - someone who isn't reduced the pages of a comic book. He's simply known as "Dad!"

God's Favor | Joseph Otanga | 5.26.19

Money can do a lot of things in our lives, but it can't come close to what only the favor of God can do in your life!

Mama Doesn't Run Away | P.s. Jeremy Mercer | 5.12.19

In our lives, when times are hard...even bad, we usually see one person of strength who never runs away....MAMA!

Jesus The Spirit Baptizer

This series will teach you the culminating work of Christ at Pentecost and how this understanding shapes and empowers our life in Christ.


Knowing the person and work of Christ Jesus.

The Word of the Lord | P.s. Jeremy Mercer | 2.24.19


The Enemies We Face | Pastor Judy Mercer | 1.27.19

As Christians, we are going through more than a major "struggle" on earth.

Positioned for Promotion

Psalm 75:6-7 Not from the east or from the west...comes is God who executes judgment, putting down one & lifting up another.

When Opportunity Knocks | Tim Brown | 9.30.18


Get in the Galley and Row | Guest Speaker: Pastor John Triffitt | 9.9.18

Guest Speaker, Pastor John Triffitt, gave a powerful & timely message, "Get In The Galley & Row."


The Apostle Paul spent much time with the church of Ephesus. It was a good church. Learn truths for your life from this great book!

Your Dreams Really Can Come True | Pastor Kevin Brown | 7.29.18


Trusting God


Faith, Family & Freedom Sunday 2018 | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 7.1.18


Guest Speaker: Pastor Manuel Perez | 6.17.18

In his sincere, personal, and often humorous way, Pastor Manuel Perez teaches how to lead your family to Christ.

Right on the Money

A biblical perspective about money and giving.

Pentecost 2018 | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 5.20.18

Celebrating the birth of the church and the miraculous occurrence that happened on the Day of Pentecost.

Mother's Day 2018 | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 5.13.18

Happy Mother's Day!

A Clarion Call for California

Pastor Jeremy speaks from his heart about the current state of our culture.


The God Who Breaks The Rules

Guest Speaker: Lucas Connell 3.18.18

Lucas Connell travels the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His messages always encourage and inspire.

Do Over

Jesus had a message for 7 churches of Asia Minor...things they were doing well & things they needed to change. What can we learn from them?

Guest Speaker P.s. Robert Maasbach | 1.28.18

Special Guest Speaker: Pastor Robert Maasbach

2018: The Year of Health and Prosperity | Pastor Jeremy Mercer

Connection Church: Vision for 2018

Nothing Impossible | Pastor Jeremy Mercer | 12.24.17

Christmas Eve Service

From the Cradle To The Cross | Pastor Kevin Brown | 12.17.17

Jesus was born in a cradle only to one day go to the cross.

Preparing For The King | Tim Brown | 12.10.17

Make Room for Jesus

Why We Say Merry Christmas | Pastor Judy Mercer | 12.3.17

8 Powerful Reason Why We Say "Merry Christmas"

Ephesians 3:20 | 11.26.17

Pastor Jeremy Mercer


Every Relationship Can Work. Every Relationship Takes Work.

Galatians 5

Freedom In Christ To Walk By The Spirit


An ancient book, a classic tale, a story of God's Boundless Love & Mercy

Get to Steppin'

How Faith Really Works

Why Him?

Go with intent to The One who was sent! John 9:1-9

Huddle Up

There Is Power In Agreement - Matthew 18:15-20

Without Spot or Wrinkle

Guest Speaker: Matthew Terry

Unoffendable Faith

Guest Speaker: Pastor Judy Mercer


Speaker: Timothy Brown

Shawn Kelly

Founder & President of Hope Recovery Center, Inc.

Faith, Family & Freedom Sunday 2017

For God & Country!

Father's Day 2017

Being A Strong, Effective Father

Graduation Sunday 2017

Pastor Kevin Brown - Proverbs 3:5-6

Mother's Day 2017

Even Jesus Listened To His Mama!


Understanding What Makes You Tick

Palm Sunday 2017

Jesus' Triumphant Entry

The Terrible Price of Sin

Hebrews 12:1-2

Shake It Off

Acts 28:1-10

Guest Speaker: Amos Wong

Amos Wong, Our Missionary To China

Be The Church

The Church is not a building nor a religious organization. The Church is God's people. So, if WE are the church, what must we do the Be The Church? This…

Guest Speaker: Frank Starks

The Word of God Will Change Your Life

Family Thanksgiving 2016


Pastor Judy Mercer: The Potential of Prayer

Some things will not come into your life but by prayer and some things will not leave your life but by prayer.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2016

God, Church, & Politics

Made For More

Moving From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Hope Awakens

We will never experience true & lasting hope until Christ, Himself, is our hope.

Guest Speaker: Joseph Otanga

Rev. Joseph Otanga, Our Missionary in Kenya.

Responding to Christmas

A study of the responses of Joseph, Mary, and the Wise Men to the Christmas Story.

Characteristics of a Conqueror

Pastor Judy Mercer

The Supremecy Of Christ

Speaker: Tim Brown

Connections That Count

Speaker: George Shearer

Faith, Family & Freedom Sunday

Celebrating the spiritual heritage of America.

Father's Day 2016

A Father's Authority

Grad Sunday

Pastor Kevin & our interns speak on Grad Sunday

Hebrews 10

A Call To Faith and Endurance

Mother's Day 2016

Hannah: An Example of A Godly Mother

Tracey Armstrong


Burning Questions


Easter Sunday 2016


Palm Sunday 2016



Unlocking God's Provision

Live Up To Your Potential

Potential is Powerful

The Prayer Circle


Let Us Go Another Way

Guest Speaker: Rev. Frank Starks

That He Gave


Christmas Means Promises Fulfilled


10 Year Anniversary

Where are we headed in the next ten years

Understanding the Old Testament

Digging Deeper into the truths of the Old Testament

The Gospel of Mark

A Universal Call to Discipleship

The Book of Titus

Producing Real Godliness In Everyday Life