Nehemiah Service Project

As we all know, 2020 made most of us throw our plans out the window. Well, our church was no different. However, we're building momentum again and, like Nehemiah of the Old Testament, it's time to "return from exile" and begin rebuilding our walls.

How do we accomplish this? Well, one way is to come on April 10 and help us accomplish several tasks and projects that were left undone last year. We want our church to continue to move forward into our mission to reach our community and you can help us get ready to do just that. 

All skill levels are needed and would be most appreciated. We really need our church to show up ready to serve. We'll have many various projects to help with, so your skill level as well as physical ability won't be an issue. 

For more information, contact Pastor Jeremy at (951) 737-2822 or at