Tuesday Night Bible Study

The Case For Christ

This 6-week DVD study is based on the best-selling book The Case For Christ by author Lee Strobel that was later turned into a hit movie. 

Is there credible evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God?

Skeptics dismiss the Jesus of the Gospels by claiming there is no evidence in the case for Christ. Lee Strobel disagrees. The former legal journalist and one-time atheist knows how to ask tough questions. His own search for truth about Jesus led him to faith in Christ.

In this revised six-session study, participants will journey along with Strobel on a quest for the truth about Jesus. Rejecting easy answers, you will sift through fascinating historical evidence as you weigh compelling expert testimony. In the end, we may very well see Jesus in a new way—and even, like Strobel, find our life transformed. 

Sessions include:

  • The Investigation of a Lifetime
  • Eyewitness Evidence
  • Evidence Outside the Bible
  • Analyzing Jesus
  • Evidence for the Resurrection
  • Reaching Your Verdict

This class begins on Tuesday, April 16 and runs through May 21. 

7pm in the Multipurpose Room.

Childcare not available.